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    Hades – James Haskell’s Pre-Trainer/Fat Burner 90 Capsules

    James Haskell's BodyFire Hades Pre Trainer/Fat Burner Capsules
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    James Haskell's BodyFire Hades Pre Trainer/Fat Burner Capsules Reviews

    • Well done Hades - voted one of the top 6 pre-trainers/Fat Burners by Men's Health magazine. You deserve it!

      Graham Jackson
    • Hades is brilliant. I have been taking it now for three weeks and the results speak for themselves. I have tried many others brands but done delivers everytime like Hades. Plus it all natural ingrediants! Brilliant

      Gemma Bird
    • James you have helped inspire me to make a complete change in what I eat, the way I eat and the activity in my life. Today is day one of my new life Wish me and Hades luck

      Lori Barfield Reed
    • Need to get myself some more Hades - it really works a treat and does everything and more it claims to do!

      Don Lyons
    • Hades is getting the job done. sleeping better, more energy all day. Feeling ready for summer.

      James Buchanan
    • Feeling the love for Hades. Had a quality training session - F*****g blew the cobwebs away today. Its quality stuff.

      Andy Southwell
    • James really loving Hades. Absolutely no jitters like most of the other pre-workouts. I'm losing fat and busing muscle. Really getting back into my training now - all thanks to Hades

      Ed Barrett
    • Two weeks on Hades and lost a solid 3lbs off in just a week

      Andy Black
    • I have just enjoyed an incredible workout courtesy of Hades. It's a quality product showing great results

      Ed Gauntlett
    • Without any doubt Hades is the best fat burner on the market

      Lesley Leask
    • I don't do these reviews but I am making an exception for Hades. I was recommended to try it by my PT, as it was clean and Informed Sport tested.. a very rare thing in this market. I started taking it and felt the benefits almost immediately. I became more focussed and energetic during exercise and really felt all the positive benefits with no downside. It has really worked for me. I hope it works as well for you.

      Eddie Jones
    • The design is smart. The bottle is smart and if you're smart you'll try Hades as well. I am not usually a big fan of this type of product but Hades has converted me

      Daryl Sheldon
    • Thanks to Hades my PB's are coming down every week. Eat clean, eat regularily get the balance right and with Hades in the mix its happy days!

      Kelly Malam
    • Losing weight quickly thanks to Hades. 6 small meals a day with the right balance of carbs and protein - what a difference. Loving exercising and loving the thought of the beach this summer. Thank you James.

      Lucy Ashley
    • Trousers now too big as a result of my Hades fuelled exercise sessions in the gym

      Jeff Yeates
    • Lost two more pounds this week thanks to Hades. I am begining to think this might just really work

      Kate Frances
    • After 18 months out of rugby I needed something to help me start back on the recovery trail. Hades has helped me start training 6 days a week and drop 4.5% body fat so far

      Reflex 612
    • Loving the Hades - no jitters like most of the other pre-workouts. I am losing fat and busing muscle, so its hard to keep track of the weight loss but I am sure it's happening!

      Ben Young
    • Awesome Product. I feel stronger, faster and most importantly I am getting leaner!

      Julia Godden
    • I used to use grenade but Hades is just so much better all round . Being completely pure there are no lows, sweats or shakes like grenade gives you.

      Greg Collins
    • recommended to the product by a mate. First day of using Hades and it really seems to deliver and work. It's early days but I may well have found the prefect product!

      Johnny Dossitt
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    Only available to purchase here: Buy Now

    Shred the Man Reveal the God Thus was created Hades. The supplement which stands out like a God amongst its mortal competition!

    Hades is a state of the art weight management supplement designed to power your body, mind and metabolism. Hades can increase your energy levels, shred fat and in conjunction with a healthy diet create the body you want.

    Ideally taken an hour before workout, Hades allows the body, mind and metabolism to reach its full potential - ideal for when an athlete needs to push their body to its best and beyond. Hades can be taken before a match, endurance race, cross fit challenge and of course before rugby matches. So much more than just caffeine, Hades has been specially formulated from natural ingredients to assist focus and concentration to create the difference for the athlete.

    Hades, named after the Greek God of the Underworld, is considered the giver of wealth, as the crops, fertility and the blessing of the harvest, come from below the earth. He is also associated with fire, brimstone and the resultant energy and power generated. A truly dynamic combination.

    More Information & FAQ
    Directions Directions for Use:
    • Take 3 capsules daily. One 30 minutes before each of your 3 main meals.
    • If you exercise, ONE of these capsules may be taken 30 minutes before exercise, instead of before a meal.
    • Leave at least 3 hours between taking the capsules.
    • Do not take after 7pm in the evening.
James Haskell's BodyFire Hades Pre Trainer/Fat Burner Capsules Comments

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