• Nutrisport 90+ Protein 5kg
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    Nutrisport 90+ Protein 5kg (11.0lb)

    Nutrisport 90+ Protein 5kg
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    Nutrisport 90+ Protein 5kg Reviews

    • Had three tubs of chocolate and each one has tasted so different. Great product that makes you recover quickly. USE MILK AND A BLENDER!

    • Not a bad product.. Taste is not that good with water and had to mix milk with it for better taste. But it does the nice job as expected in that price... will order again if I had to take more protein.

    • the chocolate is okay but seemed to get worse the lower to the bottom i got. GREAT source of protein and it seemed to help me heal faster too. Good value, buying again now

    • I bought two tubs of this protein shake chocolate flavour and the first tub tasted great, I thought I would try it again so I ordered another tub and it tasted different with a unbearable after taste.

    • would of been 5 stars if flavor was better but it's definatly tolerable, as they say no pain no gain just chug it back. By far the cheapest good quality protein source on the market.

    • Bought a 5kg strawberry, much cheaper than other brands. Taste is OK, bit chalky but nothing to get too wound up about. I would recommend buying a mixing flask with a metal coil in the bottom - saves mess and easy to get right quantity.

      Impressed so far, will just have to wait for results!

    • does the job!

    • I bought 2 tubs of this protein powder, the Vanilla and the strawberry, before looking at the reviews. And i wish i had!!, The flavour isnt the worst ive had, but the chalky texture of the powder makes me literally gag. I try and drink it fast but the chalk sticks to your throat. No difference with water or milk. I am now going to try and make protein bars out of the powder and see if it gets any better. I will be going back to my normal protein powder after this.

    • Been buying this for some time go for chocolate and flavour is different evry tub i get , the latest is the best so hopefully i might get another tub the same next time, and works well !

    • even though people say banana is disgusting, I bought it and love the taste! its just like a normal banana milkshake.
      casein and isolate make this the perfect protein to supplement your diet

    • Was a bit apprehensive about the taste given some of the reviews. I got vanilla, it's not the best tasting but it's helping me cut body fat, train & recover so it's doing the job I bought it for.
      Blending it with oat/milk/blueberry (or other fruit) make a nice breakfast drink. After training just neck it or if you really don't like it, pop half a teaspoon of nesquick in with it.
      Good product, will definitely buy again. Will probably try chocolate next time.

    • Ordered some of this in the january sale, but its not even worth it at half price. At least the banana flavour does not, tastes like chalk and is really hard to drink because of it.

    • The strawberry flavour is great, takes a bit to get the amount right but after a couple of months I thought I'd try the banana one for a change, OMG its like cardboard Sh*te. Feel like ive chucked money away. Stay with strawberry as it makes you feel good, is full of the right stuff, adds muscle and energy for workouts which I'm sure banana does without making you want to throw it away immediately.

    • Been on this stuff for about a year now and it's great. 5kgs only costing between £5 to £10 more than 2.5 kgs of other brands (which use the cheaper concentrate too, this uses the better isolate protein)

      Taste is fine if you get chocolate, I wouldn't bother with the other flavours. The reviews saying it doesn't taste nice should be disregarded. Even if it was disgusting, which it isn't, you buy it for what it does.

      Had never lifted a weight in my life before last year, now I'm 200Lbs + and bigger than gym regulars that were bigger than me when I started. This stuff. . . . .buy it

    • i ordered 5kg of this..i think its gr8 value and easy to mix and good tasting..

    • i has this protein round my mates house after a workout, and now ive bought some, it smells odd but tastes good enough, espescially with milk.
      Plus 45g of protein, cant go wrong, anyone who says its too rough to drink, MAN up your drinking this to get big not to become a girl!!

      garry the goose
    • Tastes very chalky without blitzing in a blender. Tastes much better if you do this and be sure to use with milk not water. Works very well as a protein suppliment. Strawberry's a nice flavour to start with.

    • Ordered the chocolate flavour on wednesday night and recieved it today, smells quite good for a protein shake, havent tried it yet but from reading all of the reviews im looking forward to seeing the results! only scored it 4* because i havent tried it yet...

    • If you're looking for protein on a budget, then this is the one for you.. The taste is not that great but it's passable and owing to the high amount of pea fibre it is very gritty in the mouth.This also makes it very messy when dispensing, as the powder is so fine it blows around in the slightest hint of a breeze. best used with breakfast cereal or in homemade protein bars..

      Unlike many whey protein products on the market that contain inferior pea or soy protein, SuperFit Whey Protein contains whey protein concentrate and isolate as the main source of protein which are the most expensive and purest forms of protein available. Enhanced with a patented digestive blend to help aid absorption and available in four delicious flavours SuperFit Whey will deliver everything you should expect from a world class whey product.

    • if moneys no object dont buy this.taste is quite chalky but bearable,but if like me your on a budget and want a good quality protein it cant be beaten,50p a serving for 45g protein is a bargain will buy again

    • took this product and turned into Ronnie Coleman in 3 days. Pretty good improvements, though I would like my arms to be a little bigger as they're currently lingering around the 96 inches mark. I've ordered another tub so i'll update this review with newer measurements of my arms.

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    Nutrisport 90+ For Lean Muscle Growth.

    Protein is a vital nutrient that encourages repair and growth of muscle tissue. Nutrisport is Europe's leading manufacturer of Sports Nutrition and is one of the most popular brands in Britain.

    Nutrisport 90+ is perfect for serious body builders, strength athletes and those on high protein diets.

    Nutrisport 90+ is available in the following flavours: Chocolate, Raspberry, Banana, Strawberry and Vanilla.

    Directions Serving size: 50g
    Add 4 heaped dessert spoons to 1 pint of water. For best results use a blender , shaker or shake in a screw topped jar. Otherwise mix with a fork. May be used to replace not more then one meal per day or as an additional protein source between meals before sleeping and on waking.
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